Major features to be expected in Noction IRP 2.1
In this newsletter we decided to give you a glimpse of the IRP release 2.1, which is to be launched in 2 weeks. The main release update features Exchanges and partial peering support as well as complete Route Reflectors support. We are looking for feedback on new features. If you are interested in testing the pre-release version of the Exchanges support, please contact our team and we will provide all the necessary instructions.

Optimization of Internet Exchange traffic
IRP Internet Exchange

Peering at Internet Exchange Points is a very popular and cost-efficient alternative to IP Transit and usually networks employ a mix of both approaches. So far, Noction IRP has been successfully used in networks all around the world to optimize routing across multiple Transit Providers. Starting with version 2.1, IRP will be able to intelligently reroute traffic across Internet Exchages as well. Learn more

Support of Route Reflectors
IRP Route reflector

Since route reflectors are frequently used in various network configurations, we are adding full support of route reflectors in IRP 2.1. The platform will be able to announce routing updates to a route reflector that will further propagate them to the edge routers. Learn more
If you are interested in testing the Noction IRP platform in your infrastructure, please contact us today to arrange a free trial deployment.