Noction releases IRP 1.7
featuring the new configuration UI

Noction is pleased to announce the release of Intelligent Routing Platform version 1.7. In the new release we enable administrators to configure the platform via a web-based user interface. You can now set values for the configuration parameters using convenient interface controls designed to considerably facilitate data input.

The new interface allows you to configure global parameters as well as parameters related to each of the system components. It also provides an intuitive and convenient way of managing BGP peers.

Other new important features and upgrades include:
  • Peer Load Balancing
  • Improved Commit Control algorithm
  • Improved Collector performance
  • Improved Outage Detection algorithm
  • Completely reviewed documentation

To have a look at the new configuration UI, check the image gallery on our website.

Please contact us now to schedule a live Demo or perform a free test deployment in your infrastructure.

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