TierPoint Success Story
Using Intelligent Routing to Boost Network Performance
Business Challenges:
  • Enhance overall network performance
  • Optimize provisioning of network assets
  • Control peak usage management
  • Automate manual BGP configuration mechanisms
  • Minimize latency and packet loss
  • Make full use of the differences in link quality and disparities across all carrier contracts
  • Over 3,000 TB of traffic optimized by announcing over 4.5 million route improvements to the company's edge routers.
  • Latency reduced by an average of 26% and packet loss dropped by an average of 93% for the analyzed prefixes.
  • Lower 95th percentile billing rates and increased headroom in the overall network.

Intelligent Routing Blog
Efficient and effective probing of Internet subnetworks
When flying, it's important to choose the right airline. Obviously, a direct connection is usually best, but if a layover is necessary, it helps if the intermediate stop is not too much out of the way, and the airport in question can handle the passenger load without delays or cancellations. The Internet works exactly the same way...
Jun 29, 2015

Peace of mind during provider maintenance downtime
The network that never needs any maintenance, along with the associated downtime, hasn't been built yet. You can plan your own downtime such that impact on your business is minimized, but you are also affected by the maintenance performed by your upstream providers...
Jun 26, 2015

Digital Pacific deploys Noction IRP to optimize Internet route selection
May 25, 2015

Digital Pacific, an Australian provider of web hosting solutions deployed the Noction Intelligent Routing Platform. Digital Pacific operates services in five Data Centres around the globe...
Nexogy deploys Noction IRP to enhance VoIP quality
May 18, 2015

Nexogy, a Miami based hosted communications provider, deployed the Noction Intelligent Routing Platform to route around Internet congestion and improve quality of its VoIP services...
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