Introducing the VIP Improvements feature in IRP 1.8

Here is a new IRP feature we will be releasing in several weeks.

VIP Improvements is a feature that allows specifying a predefined list of prefixes or AS-es that will get special attention. They will be periodically priority-probed by IRP, more often compared to the standard probing period.

The prefixes will be continuously rechecked, even if their current status is optimal, in order to determine and react more quickly to network changes.

Possible usage scenarios include, but are not limited to:
  • Monitoring and optimizing traffic to commercial partners that should have access to your networks via the best performing routes;
  • Monitoring and optimizing traffic to your remote locations (offices, branches, etc), operating as separate networks;
  • Monitoring and optimizing traffic to an AS or group of networks, which are known for frequent accessibility issues due to geographical or technical reasons, for example Asia-based networks.

Using VIP Improvements will allow you to proactively diagnose and solve network issues towards the directions, which are critical for your business.

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