IRP Lite (free IRP version) now equipped with the Circuit Issues Detection feature.

IRP Lite - the free version of the Intelligent Routing Platform just got even better. It is now equipped with the Circuit Issues Detection feature, which allows the platform to automatically disconnect a BGP session with a provider suffering from excessive levels of packet loss, after taking into account configurable preferences and rules set by network administrators.

Once the feature is enabled for a specific provider, IRP Lite uses recent probing data to detect when it begins to suffer from excessive levels of packet loss in comparison with other peers. To determine excessive loss, IRP Lite compares a provider's average loss over a configurable time period, the number of probes and average loss difference as compared to other providers.

When a circuit issue is detected, IRP Lite raises alerts that network engineers or an external network management systems can act upon. With the feature enabled, IRP ensures the following:

Provider is marked and excluded from being considered a candidate for performance improvements.
Reprobing is performed for destination prefixes routed through the affected provider.
Outbound improvements through the affected provider are withdrawn.
FlowSpec rules to induce drop of BGP session towards affected provider are added.
Affected provider is further monitored to detect if the issue was temporary and restore it once the loss averages return to normal.

Start taking advantage of the automated internet route optimization today with IRP Lite.

It is 100% FREE and feature packed.

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