Noction releases IRP 3.9 with support for Ubuntu and the BGP Monitoring Protocol (BMP)

Support for Ubuntu 14.04 LTS and Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

Noction recognizes the need to have flexibility regarding the choice of platforms and operating systems. That is why we’ve now added support for another popular Linux distribution. Besides support for CentOS, the Intelligent Routing Platform can now be installed on servers running Ubuntu 14.04 LTS or Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.

Support for BGP Monitoring Protocol

IRP 3.9 now includes the BMP monitoring station, which can be used to collect data, diagnose and report the state of the BGP sessions between edge routers and providers, as well as network reachability through a specific provider. The BMP monitoring station supplies detailed routing data to other IRP components for even more intelligent decisions to be made. There are many benefits with passing BMP data to IRP:

Possibility for IRP to evaluate and identify the best candidates among peers advertising both active and inactive routes on an Internet Exchange.
IRP’s ability to revisit previously performed probes and improvements each time a route changes for active and inactive routes.
Ability for IRP to maintain the supplied routes of partial providers in real time.
FlowSpec rules to induce drop of BGP session towards affected provider are added.
Reduction of CPU overhead on routers in case of large queries, especially on those servicing very large IXs.
Redundant and precise reconstruction of AS Path, as BMP allows this BGP attribute to be retrieved from actual (inactive) routes received from neighbors. This allows IRP to make even more accurate iBGP announcements when making improvements.

The monitored router (supporting BMP) establishes a TCP connection and communicates with the IRP BMP monitoring station, which continuously listens and accepts fresh routing data as it becomes available.

To get more information on the full set of features and improvements available with IRP 3.9, please contact noction account representatives at sales@noction.com or review the documentation.

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