Noction announces the release of IRP 3.6

Noction is pleased to announce the release of Intelligent Routing Platform 3.6. The major feature available in the new product version is the capability to manage provider maintenance windows within the platform.

Maintenance Windows

With IRP 3.6 administrators can schedule planned maintenance windows for a specific provider, which ensures smooth traffic redistribution before the provider becomes unavailable. This allows for better traffic load control during maintenance windows and avoids unwanted usage spikes that can be caused by sudden provider unavailability.

IRP 3.6 on CentOS 7

Although CentOS 6 is currently still updated and patched, it is approaching the end of its life. With this in mind, from IRP 3.6, CentOS 7 can be used to deploy the platform and take advantage of the enhancements and security fixes available in the latest Linux distribution.

Extended BGP Flowspec Policies

The freshly introduced BGP Flowspec policies have been equipped with even more capabilities in IRP 3.6. Administrators can now configure policies based on source and destination port ranges, source ASN and type of IP protocol. Moreover, the Throttle policy can now be automated by predefining specific rules when the policy should take action.

Current customers will be notified of upgrades during the coming weeks. However, if you would prefer to pre-arrange a date and time, you can always reach our support team via

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