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Learn how Steadfast stepped up BGP performance automation
with Noction IRP

Steadfast is a Chicago-based IT infrastructure provider that specializes in highly flexible cloud environments, dedicated servers, and managed colocation services out of its data centers in Chicago and New Jersey.
Although the company has been using BGP performance automation for almost 6 years now, the recent deployment of Noction IRP has brought real-time route optimization to a whole new level.
Business Challenges:
  • Improve existing BGP automation efficiency
  • Improve distribution of bandwidth usage across multiple transit providers
  • Achieve better ROI from BGP performance automation
  • Achieve better visibility into the route optimization process
  • More efficient traffic routing optimization on a larger scale and at a lower cost
  • 89% drop in packet loss and 17% drop in latency for the network prefixes optimized by IRP
  • Full utilization of the unused bandwidth capacity due to better traffic load distribution
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Understanding BGP Communities
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Steps required for IRP deployment
Learn the steps you need to perform in order to prepare your infrastructure for Noction IRP deployment.