Noction Success Stories

UK2 Group unveils the power of its network with Noction IRP

Today we would like to share the experience of UK2 Group - one of our clients that has recently deployed Noction IRP in its network. Since 1998, UK2 Group provides a wide range of advanced hosting and cloud services to enterprise clients through a number of brands including,,,,, AN,, and
UK2 Group's success story is a great example of how using intelligent routing, a company managed to gain control over its bandwidth usage and leverage its existing connectivity for optimum performance.
Business Challenges:
  • Ensure the best connectivity to all destinations on the Internet
  • Balance bandwidth usage ensuring commit levels are adhered to for each provider
  • Increase operational efficiency by automating route optimization processes
  • Overall network performance boost
  • Efficient traffic distribution across transit provider links
  • Full automation of BGP optimization
  • Sustainable engineering resource usage
  • Reduction of network latency and packet loss