Noction releases Intelligent Routing Platform 2.2
Noction is proud to announce the release of IRP 2.2. The new version features support for Multiple Routing Domains (also named multisite or multiexit) and major improvements to the Commit Control algorithm.
Multisite Support
Multisite Support
One single IRP instance can now efficiently optimize traffic originating from multiple physical locations, in relatively close geographical proximity, distinguished by different routing domains. A single IRP instance collects statistics about traffic, probes available destinations and makes improvements towards specific prefixes/networks on the Internet.
Commit Control Improvements
Commit Control Improvements
The IRP component responsible for keeping the committed 95th percentile is now reacting faster to commit overloads due to the improved traffic unloading mechanism. It also automatically adjusts its aggressiveness depending on the frequency of overload attempts occurring.
Improvements Confirmation
Improvements Confirmation
Improvements Confirmation is a feature designed to address network variability over time. There are cases when performance metrics towards a destination degrade significantly for very short periods of time and subsequently return to normal. The Improvements Confirmation feature schedules a potential improvement for confirmation after a short period of time instead of immediately announcing it. This allows IRP to verify that a detected problem is short-lived and there is no need to perform the improvement. Only if IRP detects the same probing results during confirmation, will an improvement be considered relevant and be announced.
Improvement Weight
Improvement Weight
To ensure that the most important improvements are kept active by the platform, IRP 2.2 assigns weights to each improvement based on the overall impact that it has on network performance. This way we make sure that a potential improvement of a lower impact will never replace a truly critical one.
We highly appreciate the customer feedback received to date; based on this feedback we have developed the above features and we are looking forward to working on the next challenges to further improve the IRP platform. The Noction Support Team will start scheduling updates with clients over the coming weeks. Meanwhile visit our News section where you can see fresh screenshots snapped from the new release's interface.

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