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We’ve had a busy month here at Noction and have just released the latest NFA version. The product's new features and capabilities, including the option to filter routes by AS Path Length, and BGP active routes visibility, provide NFA users with even more ways to monitor network traffic and stay alert of any unexpected changes. Check out the details of what we’ve rounded up in this month’s release:

AS Path Length filter in Data Explorer and BGP Data sections

The newly added option allows users to filter by the sequence of AS hops that a BGP route follows from a particular AS towards the origin AS.

AS prepending affects the overall path length calculation, since the same AS can be incorrectly interpreted as an AS hop more than one time. Therefore, AS prepends are currently being ignored by the filter. The capability to optionally include/show AS prepends will be added in future NFA releases.

BGP Active Routes representation

Routes representation in the BGP report section helps provide a greater view of prefix reachability inconsistency details obtained from the connected devices. Users can analyze the effect of routing changes by reviewing all routes active in the selected time window or filter results down to a specific prefix.

Table view columns selection

Users can now indicate and save the columns selection view in both Data Explorer and BGP report tables. This helps save time when continuously running and examining the results of your queries, bringing to the front only those IP Flow and BGP information elements that are essential to your network.

The detailed changelog is available upon request.

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