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NFA v 21.06 has just been released. The new version comes with configurable Percentile Reporting, BGP Localpref & BGP MED filtering in Data Explorer, and more.

Percentile Reporting

95th percentile is a popular network calculation used for reporting and billing burstable network usage. It typically serves as a baseline for traffic utilization metering on a network. Starting with NFA v 21.06, percentile value calculation, be it for 95th or any other, is available for packets, octets, and flows.

Go to Data Explorer, click the % icon, specify the percentile you want NFA to calculate, add any filtering conditions, and hit the "Run Query" button. Note, NFA calculates the Xth percentile, where X is an integer between 1 and 100. Feel free to save your view as a widget and add it to any of your dashboards

BGP Localpref and MED filtering and grouping options

NFA users with the configured devices exporting BGP data can now use the Localpref and MED filtering and grouping options in Data Explorer. These options can help immensely when monitoring traffic per a particular Autonomous System's routing policies and decisions.

Welcome Wizard

A welcome wizard was added with this release. When installing NFA for the first time, a welcome wizard pops up on the screen. It showcases and guides you through the system, displaying the list of available NFA features and how they work. This makes the first-time user understand all the product capabilities & configuration procedures a lot easier and faster.

The detailed changelog is available upon request.

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