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Happy to inform you that we’ve just released the new NFA version 21.05.

Highlights of this Noction Flow Analyzer release include:

Multiple sources for ASN information details

Up until this release, the ASN details in NFA were populated based on the information obtained from flow records. Now, there is an option to define the origin of such info, be it the flow protocols, BGP, or the internal database. Moreover, users can set up the order by which such information should be obtained from the available data sources. So, for instance, in case the ASN data is missing from the flow records, and there is no active BGP session, the internal DB can be utilized to retrieve ASN details.

Availability of MPLS labels in flow records

Many network engineers have very little visibility into their IP/MPLS networks. Moreover, in case there appear issues, the whole troubleshooting process becomes quite complex. This release comes with the MPLS labels support for NetFlow V9 and IPFIX flow records. NFA users can now filter, search, and group flows containing MPLS label fields and analyze network traffic based on the values in these fields.

Other product improvements and refinements in this NFA version include:

  • Improved calculation and display of boundary points on charts;
  • Prepend of the peer AS number to AS paths for the iBGP session;
  • Improved periodic automatic refresh of widgets on dashboards;
  • Improved display of time points on charts.

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