Hi ,

We’re excited to announce the release of NFA v 20.10 today.

This version comes with support for the IPFIX variable length information elements, BGP data collection refinement and the Custom IP Groups filtering capability.

The first two lie more on the technical side of things, improving the overall NFA performance and ip flow data processing. The latter one, would be of interest to network engineers setting up and accessing the application’s frontend on a daily basis.

Custom groups allow you to streamline and logically organize your network analysis experience by creating unique sets of IP addresses to personalize your view in many areas of the Noction Flow Analyzer. For example, you can create ip groups for your company’s specific departments, various geographic locations, or any other administrative/business requirement.

Use it as a custom filter when running queries in Data Explorer, creating widgets, setting up alerts, etc. To do so, simply choose either a Source or Destination Address filter and type in the name of a custom group you’ve created.

Check out the new NFA version. Sign up for the Free Trial today. We’d love to hear what you think about it - just ping us at [email protected] with any questions or suggestions.