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We are excited to announce the release of IRP v 3.10.7 and the immediate availability of our new IRP Global Management Interface (GMI) product.

GMI, featuring a modern and intuitive frontend, is a single pane of glass interface that allows network professionals to manage multiple Noction Intelligent Routing Platform instances and get access to various data and statistics for those instances from one, easy to access application.

Administrators can now have one place to:

  • Monitor and configure multiple IRP instances;
  • Get comprehensive distributed networks’ performance analytics;
  • Facilitate network troubleshooting;
  • Automatically manage bandwidth levels for provider groups from various points of presence using the Global Commit feature.

Global Commit

Together with GMI, we are happy to introduce a new feature called "Global Commit".

Many Noction customers operate worldwide networks with varying degrees of integration. Global Commit is designed for clients with multiple geographic locations, operating as independent networks from a functional point of view, but under a single contractual agreement with their transit providers. The Global Commit feature allows networks to balance local, regional, and global pre-agreed 95th agreements to ensure locations both don’t over exceed bandwidth commitments, but also so that they don’t needlessly underutilize connectivity.

The IRP v 3.10.7 changelog is available upon request. To learn more about the full set of GMI enhancements and capabilities, contact us via support@noction.com or review the documentation.