Noction releases Intelligent Routing Platform 2.3
Noction is pleased to announce the release of IRP 2.3 featuring SNMP Traps.
IRP 2.3

The new feature offers real-time monitoring capabilities for various events detected by the Noction's platform. The latest Intelligent Routing Platform can operate SNMP traps to send alerts towards a customer's monitoring system in order to notify about events that network administrators have chosen to monitor and be alerted of. These are fully adjustable and network administrators can decide upon which events should trigger notifications and then configure them on the platform. Such events include:

  • Excessive loss detected towards a destination prefix
  • Excessive latency detected towards a destination prefix
  • Outage detected towards a destination prefix
  • A BGP session with one of the providers goes down
  • Plus many more, which can easily be configured.

Besides notifying about events occurring in the network, the feature also includes the list of Variable Bindings (varbinds) that contains detailed information related to a particular trap.

There are also some improvements to the existing platform functionality:

  • Checking violation of policies when receiving routing information from multiple routing domains
  • Added ability to filter results by Routing Domain in the Current Improvements report
  • Extended maximum allowed VIP probing interval to 14400 seconds
  • Added support for sFlow 2

All the above enhancements make the platform even more stable and efficient; while with the newly introduced feature administrators have more control over the system's behavior and an easier means of troubleshooting.

To try the IRP platform in your own environment, go ahead and schedule a product demo with us today.

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