IRP 2.0

Great features and major improvements to be expected in IRP 2.0

In this newsletter we decided to give you a glimpse of the IRP release 2.0, which is to be launched on May 31, 2013. The new product's version is a stable release with major performance, speed and usability enhancements.

IRP 2.0 scheme 1.0 One of the most important upgrades is the system's fully reworked probing mechanism, responsible for evaluating network performance metrics, such as latency and packet loss. IRP 2.0 will be probing the available routing paths up to ten times faster and more efficiently, leading to overall improvement of the system performance.

The new release offers a new feature called Routing Policies. Based on the company's business objectives, administrators are able to allow or deny a particular provider to be used for reaching a certain prefix or AS, or set a static route. The Routing Policies feature provides more route control, allowing to better meet internal routing policies and to follow the company's business purposes.

For instance, there might be a specific prefix that consumes a high volume of traffic and IRP redirects it through the most expensive provider due to performance considerations. At the same time you have another two less costly available providers. In this case, you could deny the expensive provider for the specific prefix and IRP will choose the best-performing provider between the two left.

IRP 2.0 scheme 2.0
Some other improvements to be expected in IRP 2.0:

The Beta version of IRP 2.0 is now available for deployment. Request an upgrade of your current IRP installation to benefit from the enhanced product performance and new functionality or Request a Trial today to start taking full advantage of your multi-homed network.